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Transwomen, two nonbinary people, and one transman, all wearing Dys4ick gender affirming underwear and smiling


Dys4ick is Meanjin/Brisbane's original gender-affirming underwear brand. Founded in 2018 by transgender man Pierce Kent, we are dedicated to everyday affirmation and making a positive impact within the trans community. Our meticulously designed collection blends style, comfort, and inclusivity to provide empowering experiences. With 10% of profits supporting the HRT fund for a trans community member in Brisbane, we believe in giving back. Join us in celebrating identity, empowering expression, and redefining self-affirmation.

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Meet Pierce

In 2017 I found myself moving from the United States to Australia. It was a time of transformation, adventure, and finding a new community. While navigating this new space I finally understood the importance and power of gender affirmation and self-expression.  I also realized that there was very few businesses out there providing the Australian Transgender Community with something as simple as underwear made with their body in mind. 

I was almost two years into my own transition when I launched Dys4ick, driven by my desire to offer something that could provide a positive impact in someone's life, to the people who had impacted me so positively. I celebrate beauty, diversity and empowerment, and I believe in promoting everyday affirmation for every body. 

When I'm not focusing on Dys4ick and the next big thing we can launch I love spending time with my fiancée and our often spoiled puppy. (If you're lucky he might make a surprise cameo on the socials!) The last six years have taught me to embrace my true self and live authentically - I hope through Dys4ick I can inspire you to do the same. 

Together I believe we can create a more welcoming and inclusive world. 


Current Fund Raiser

Jasmine Anderson

Meet Jasmine, a remarkable individual who has shared her extraordinary journey with us. She is a fierce activist for the transgender community. She is a hairdresser, business woman, and model and has been assisting supporting Dys4ick since the relaunch. Now it's Dys4ick's turn to support her. 10% of the proceeds from every order will be donated towards Jasmine's bottom surgery. 

Jasmine's Socials

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